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Fibre Furn tank trough combos and sheep troughs are designed to be effective, reliable, low maintenance and prevents stock loss. The unique design of the trough ball float and position of drain plug allows accumulated sediment to be easily cleaned out. This design has been tried and tested over the many years.

Our tank troughs have black interior to stop algae growth and are manufactured to last.

Tank trough combination
Description Product Code Diameter Height
4550 L Tank Trough Combo TT2
6800 L Tank Trough Combo TT3
Special features of the Fibre Furn tank trough combos:
  • Drain plug positioned away from clean water outlet for easier cleaning
  • Ball float positioned to allow for sediment
  • All ball floats are low pressure
  • Ball float well for easy access
  • Dropped well leading to drain plug for easy cleaning
  • Moulded ball float cover with locking provisions – easily accessible
  • Unique lip below trough for added strength
Fibreglass sheep/Cattle troughs
Product Code Litres Gallons Barricade Drain
TT2 4550 1000 1830 2150
TT3 6800 1500 2440 2570
Special features of sheep/Cattle troughs
  • Ball float, drain plug, hinged ball float cover with locking provisions
  • Easy cleaning, maintenance free
  • Mounted on it’s own legs to minimise soil build up
  • Sweep out end for rapid cleaning

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