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Mining Tanks

AFPT makes great variety of chemical processing tanks, storage tanks and settler tanks for mining and refinery customers.
Tanks can be made in circular, conical or rectangular shapes. All lids of mixing tanks will be reinforced with ribs to support the weight of the mixer and to eliminate vibrations.
AFPT makes FRP Tanks to withstand toughest conditions like acidic environment, high temperatures. AFPT has extensive expertise in selecting and using different types vinyl ester resins to suit different applications. For example for a mining customer AFPT has fabricated several mixer settler tanks for solvent extraction that are conductive and earthing lugs are fitted to eliminate static electricity. And for another customer AFPT used vinyl ester and silica carbide composite to increase abrasive resistance.
The company has a fully equipped fibreglass workshop capable of manufacturing most tank designs and fulfilling complex tasks. AFPT also provides maintenance support to many of the industrial corrosive environments in and around WA. All tanks are manufactured to AS 2634-1993 and are subject to a rigorous quality management system.


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