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Insulated Tanks

Over the years AFPT has fabricated a variety of insulated tanks for large scale industrial and mining clients, as well as servicing the needs of breweries and wineries by supplying insulated tanks integral to their production facilities. As a manufacturer of fibreglass and polyurethane foam products we are the leading insulated tank producer in Australia. We pride ourselves in making the perfect tanks to suit each of our customers’ needs.
AFPT manufactures insulated tanks using high strength fibreglass and polyurethane foam. Insulated tanks are fabricated for a range of applications such as cooling towers and glycol tanks. Our tanks are ideal for the storage of harsh chemicals that need to be kept at controlled temperatures.
We have developed innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure our insulated tanks are the best on the market in terms of performance and durability. An Internal tank is built using a chemical resistant FRP laminate. A protective FRP skin is formed around the tank. The cavity between the tank and the external skin is then filled with Polyurethane Foam. This method maximises insulation properties while enhancing structural strength.


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