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Water Cartage Tanks

Fibre Furn Tanks have been in the industry since 1969 and are reputed for being some of Australia’s most respected fibreglass tanks. AFPT Fibre Furn is committed to excellence in product design and manufacture and we build tanks that not only work, but are guaranteed to last. Each tank is quality assured and built according to BVQI ISO 9001:2000 standards.


Key Features of Fibre Furn Tanks::

AFPT Fibre Furn makes great range of cartage tanks from 100L to 15,000L
  • Corrugated internal baffles for greater strength and to minimise wave motion
  • Floor construction facilitates complete drainage
  • Black internal walls prevent algae growth
  • Requirements for specific outlets can be easily accommodated
  • All FibreFurn cartage tanks are self standing and can be easily mounted on to skid or body of the trucks by bolting through legs.
  • NPG gelcoat finish for polished look and enhanced heat resistance.
  • All cartage tanks come with a screw type plastic hatch, sight tube and an out let
  • AFPT Fibrefurn makes great range of cartage tanks from 100L to 12,000L.



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