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Aqua Culture Tanks

Over the years AFPT Fibrefurnhas manufactureda wide variety of custom designed tanks to service the aquaculture industry. Tanks with applications in aquaculture take many different forms. We have supplied our aquaculture clients with round tanks, square tanks,d-ended tanks, and raceways. Tanks can be supplied with flat bottom, conical bottom or sloping bottom. Tanks can be fitted with acrylic windows if required. AFPT Fibrefurn have supplied d-ended raceway ponds to some large scale industrial aquaculture projects in Western Australia and university research projects in South Australia. We can also provide smaller tanks for the hobbyist or home operator.

Some benefits of D-ended tanks:


  • Space saving
  • Self-cleaning
  • Lower tank turnover time
  • Can be aerated using airlift devices
  • Useful in situations where space and water supply are limited.


D-ended tanks




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