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PU Foam

Polyurethane foam

AFPT manufacturers polyurethane foam slabs in different densities for various applications. Rigid polyurethane foam has a closed cell structure with better insulation properties

Touch ‘N’ Seal Spray Foam

Touch ‘n’ Seal Spray Foam is portable, disposable and self-contained with color-coded, pre-connected hoses. These kits are available in sizes from 200-600 board feet and provide

Foam Filling

AFPT has many years of experience in both on-site and in-house foam filling. Our specialised skills in foam filling for buoyancy appliances with special attention to avoid air pockets that may occur

Poly Isocyanurate Foam

Polyisocyanurate foams, also referred to as PIR, are available in densities from 40M/kg³ to 70M/kg³. The strong molecular structure

Expandable Polyurethane foam kits

AFPT polyurethane system is a non-cfc polyol blend prepared for molding, insulation, packaging, buoyancy and other void filling or block requirements.

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