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Expandable Polyurethane foam kits

AFPT polyurethane system is a non-cfc polyol blend prepared for molding, insulation, packaging, buoyancy or other void filling and block requirements by pour-in-place techniques from either machine or hand mix.
Liquid foam kits are available in 2L, 8L and 40L kits. For larger requirements kits can be supplied in 60L or 200L drums.


The foaming action can be influenced by many factors such as heat, contamination and other environmental factors, so below can be used only as a guide.
2L kit – can fill a void of 57 Litres
8L kit – can fil a void of 228 Litres
40L kit – can fil a void of 1,142 Litres
Free rise density of this foam system is 32kg/M³.
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