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Polyurethane foam Sheets

AFPT manufactures polyurethane foam slabs in different densities for various applications. Rigid polyurethane foam has a closed cell structure with better insulation properties than many other insulation materials. Slabs are widely used in building cold rooms and for the insulation of piping and tanks in industrial / mining applications. Heat generated from curing fibreglass does not affect polyurethane foam enabling fibreglass lamination.

Polyurethane foam is widely used for marine buoyancy. One cubic metre of 35kg/M3 polyurethane foam would have a positive buoyancy of 965kg. Rigid polyurethane foam is used extensively by sculptors and artisans as it can be easily carved and sanded into difficult shapes quickly.

Foam Sheets

AFPT makes blocks of 1200mm x 2400mm and depending on the density usually blocks are made up to 600mm high. We stock 10mm to 600mm sheets in 35kg/M3, 60kg/M3 and 90kg/M3. Contact AFPT for any other densities required.

Profile Cutting

polyurethane1AFPT has a computerized bi-axle cutting machine to cut not only sheets of different thicknesses but also to profile cut different shapes. This amazing state of the art machine can cut letters for signage, wings for model aircraft and c-sections for piping insulation to name a few.

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