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Panel Tanks

Our Panel Tanks are a versatile option for storing liquid in hard to reach places. For example: basements, roof tops, under houses, mining and fire fighting applications along with other locations where installation would be challenging. We offer free on-site measure and quote to ensure you receive the right product. Call us to arrange an appointment.

Manufacturing Specifications

General Applications Portable water or liquid containment for hygienic purpose and food related industries.
Standards Panel constructed with bolted SMC panels by hot compression molding process conform to SS 245: 1995, B. S. EN 13280: 2001, GB 5749-85 and JC 658.1-1997.
Composition Panels are produced with unsaturated polyester resin conforming to B.S. 3532: 1990 and glass fiber type ‘E’ conforming to B.S. 3691: 1990.
Dimensions Nominal external size of unit panels shall be 1m x 1m x 1m x 0.5m with combined double flange at an angle of 90° to the panel face on all four sides with pre-drilled bolt holes. Specifications conforming to B.S. 1564: 1975.
Anti-Skid For Safety Panels for external tank top covers and internal surface of base are anti-skid with protruded studs for safety during installation and maintenance.
Manhole & Air Vent Each tank compartment shall be provided with 600mm square access manhole opening and inspect proof air vent to maintain water at atmospheric pressure.
Reinforcement The tank is supported either with external or internal steel reinforcements. All internal reinforcements that are in contact with water shall be of stainless steel type whereas those with no contact with water shall be of hot dipped galvanized type.
Bolts, Nuts & Washer All bolts & nuts in contact with water shall be Stainless Steel and whereas that not in contact with the water shall be hot dipped galvanized type to ISO 1461 for exposed tank (zinc plated bolts & nuts for enclosed indoor tank).
Sealant Materials Non-toxic PVC sealant strips and butyl putty gum are supplied to panel joints for water tightness, weather and insect proof.
Ladders & Indicators Internal aluminum ladder, external galvanized ladder and MS mechanical (ruler type) indirect reading level indicator c/w PVC float, cable & pointer calibrated in meter are supplied to suit tank height.
MS Skid Base Mild Steel (B.S. 4360: 1990 Grade 43A) primer coated skid base shall be provided to support tank on top of existing R.C. plinth at 1.0m center for leverage and distribution of load (galvanized skid base can be supplied as an option).

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