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Mining & Industrial

Chemical Storage Tanks

AFPT fabricate custom made insulated tanks for large scale industrial and mining clients, as well as servicing breweries and wineries with insulated tanks.

Insulated Tanks

AFPT manufactures insulated tanks using high strength fibreglass and polyurethane foam. For mining applications, insulated tanks are fabricated as cooling towers and glycol tanks for example.

Underground Tanks

AFPT Fibre Furn underground fibreglass tanks are corrosion-proof, versatile and can be structurally engineered to any size. Ideally used in fuel storage at service stations

Industrial Mixing Tanks

AFPT mixing tanks are designed and manufactured for industrial mixing applications. Our mixing tanks are a heavy-walled modification

Panel Tanks

Our Panel Tanks are a versatile option for storing liquid in hard to reach places (basements, roof tops, under houses, mining and fire fighting applications)

Steel Panel Tanks

Our expertise in Pressed Steel Panel Sectional Water Tank, enables us to provide you the best quality Hydraulically Pressed Sectional Steel Covers

Piping & Ducting

AFPT custom fibreglass piping and ducting are manufactured for strength and versatility. Ideally used for potable water or sewer pipelines, recycled

Water Carts & Slip-on Units

Our factory made water carts and slip-on units are supplied ready to use. The advantages of fibreglass with high

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