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Flexi-N storage tanks

FibreFurn tanks have been supplying high quality on-farm storage products to West Australian farmers for over forty years.

Flexi-N tanks are engineered to store Flexi-N liquid fertiliser with a specific gravity of 1.3.
Fibre Furn liquid fertiliser tanks are made in 25,000 Lt and 50,000 Lt capacities.
At full capacity a 50 000 Lt tank will hold 65 tonnes of Flexi N. This allows for a full 50 tonne road train load to be delivered with as much as 15 tonne of Fertiliser remaining in the tank.
Tanks are designed to FOS (factors of safety) of 10 on strength and 5 on bucklingusing high strength fibreglass and manufactured under strict quality assurance protocols. We use a UV resistant smooth white gelcoat finish on the exterior and a chemical resistant black pigmented resin on the interior.Flexi-N tanks by Fibre Furn are approved by CSBP your trusted fertiliser supplier.You can be assured your tank is built to last.


All liquid fertiliser tanks will be supplied with:


  • Inlet, 50mm (2”) camlock, with easy fill PVC spool
  • Outlet, 50mm (2”) camlock with butterfly valve and dust cap
  • 600mm PE inspection hatch
  • True level indicator
  • Mosquito-proof overflow
  • Four Stainless steel tie down points
  • Chemical resistant resin for durability
  • Black interior to prevent algae growth


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