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Chemical Storage Tanks

AFPT manufacture the industrial range of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) chemical storage tanks specifically designed for mining and industrial applications. We are the largest manufacturers in Western Australia for moulded FRP chemical storage tanks. Our extensive range of storage tank moulds from 500L capacity up to 90,000L for competitive and economical pricing. We are not limited and offer flexibility in fabricating custom tanks of any design to suit specific needs, plus we work closely with our customers and engineering partners to ensure our tanks are fit for purpose.

Our FRP chemical storage tanks are manufactured to withstand tough environmental conditions associated with mining and industrial applications. WE have the technical expertise to supply tanks to suit highly corrosive materials and extreme temperatures, whilst understanding the critical role of the correct resin selection.

AFPT have the experience to solve complex problems related to chemical storage. Over the many years we understand the factors involved with designing an FRP chemical storage tank, such as the chemical composition, specific gravity (SG) of material, minimum and maximum operating temperatures and external environmental factors.

We’re a fully equipped workshop capable of manufacturing any tank design and completing complex engineering projects on time and on budget.

We provide maintenance support to many of the industrial corrosive environments in and around Western Australia. All tanks are fabricated to AS 2634,BS EN13121 and ASME RTP-1 or any other standard requested by clients and are subject to a rigorous quality management system.

For example: One of our mining clients had a requirement for a quantity of mixing settler tanks for solvent extraction. The laminate was formulated with additives so the tank would be conductive to electricity and earthing lugs fitted to eliminate a static charge.

Another client requested chemical storage tanks with an extremely high level of abrasive resistance were required. A vinyl ester resin and silica carbide composite system was used to achieve the performance specifications.

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