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Water Storage Tanks

Fibre Furn water storage tanks are designed and built for optimal performance and life span.

Fibreglass or GRP has a high ratio of mechanical strength to weight, low electrical and thermal conductivity and high resistance to weathering. It is not subject to attack by moulds or micro-organisms, is non toxic and does not rust or corrode.

Fibreglass tanks have a greater life expectancy than plastic or steel. Plastic tanks are vunerable to melting or warping in the heat of a bushfire, steel tanks are subject to rust and corrosion. These factors make fibreglass the best choice for water storage in the extreme weather conditions of Australia.

For over 40 years our Fibre Furn tanks are built to last.

Features of Fibre Furn water tanks;

  • High strength fibreglass construction
  • Reinforced at the centre by 50mm wide band
  • UV resistant Gelcoat finish
  • Supplied in white, smooth cream or light green
  • Black interior to prevent algae growth
  • Manufactured using resins suitable for potable water
  • Large 600mm PE inspection hatch for easier access
  • Stainless steel eye bolts to anchor to the ground and double up as lift points
Model Capacity in Litres Height in mm Diameter
HHM 7 4500 1850 1570
HHM 6 6800 1850 2250
HHM 5 25,000 1750 4400
HHM 8 50,000 3500 4400
HH 8 60,000 4500 4400

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